Arbitration has obvious benefits over Litigation. The purpose is to resolve disputes as quickly and cost efficiently as possible by SIMULTANEOUSLY employing a combination of legal and technical knowledge. For these assignments, we are uniquely qualified as Mr. Cedeno is both a lawyer and licensed civil engineer with a combined twenty 21 years experience exclusively in the construction engineering industry.

Arbitration is also now experiencing a revival as the construction industry becomes more disillusioned with other forms of dispute resolution that discounts the difficulty with the substantive issues at stake. In fact, it is reappearing in many construction contracts. We pride ourselves in “engineering legal solutions” under various types of construction contracts including DOT, AIA, EJCDC and FIDIC.

Mr. Cedeno is a qualified arbitrator knowledgeable at; drafting notices for arbitration and statement of cases, dealing with witness evidence, appointing experts and making the most of their specialist knowledge. His dual expertise is ideal to serve as the trier of fact especially on the often comingled time and money disputes.


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