A well-prepared, legally sound, accurate, and thorough claim package is critical to achieve the desired Settlement or Court award. We have both the legal and technical capabilities for “engineering legal solutions.” Our professionals have extensive construction industry experience to prepare and formulate final claims packages that will be bulletproof against opposing expert challenges. We utilize state-of-the art software to not only build the case, but also to present it in a visual format that effectively conveys the facts in a easy comprehensible format.

We employ trial-tested and solid methodologies to analyze the damages and impacts of delays, inefficiencies, active interference, directed and constructive acceleration, cardinal changes, and unreimbursed extra work, which are common themes in the majority of construction disputes. We also provide and develop in the claim the strategy on how best to overcome the most challenging legal defences.

Once the claim package is complete, in many instances, this serves as the catalyst to invoke meaningful settlement discussions or mediation. In the event the opposing party refuses to settle or mediate, our legal team is fully prepared to prosecute the claim to the fullest extent of the law. During the litigation or arbitration process, as the discovery process is completed, if any new facts are uncovered, our claims team will make final modifications to maximize the strength of our arguments ahead of Trial.


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