Litigation sometimes involves great risk and expense. As a result of our unique professional experience dealing day-to-day with disputes in the architecture, engineering and construction industries, we work closely with our clients to reduce uncertainties and to foster a greater understanding. The focus is always on handling the cases from the client’s perspective but with complementary objectivity due to the technical background we offer with litigation. Moreover, we speak the client’s language and understand the client’s goals throughout the representation from having pertinent hands on experience in the industry. 

The firm handles a wide range of contentious construction matters always with the aim to identify cost effective resolution of the matter. Construction litigation can occur from the very outset when a construction project is commissioned right through to completion and for years after completion. In this complex area of law, it is essential to have timely access to correct and commercial legal advice. To this end, we provide the necessary legal services from behind the scenes at the outset and continually through final disposition of the matter by strategically exploring available options to match the particular timing and complexity of the case.


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