Preparing and prosecuting have sharpened our ability in defending construction claims and raising supportable counterclaims. What sets us apart from other firms is our staff’s extensive construction industry experience working as contractors and as construction engineering inspection managers. Combined with the legal knowledge, we are not only uniquely aware of the strategies involved but we have a thorough understanding of the common arguments and positions. In response, we are able to perform detailed, fair and reasonable entitlement analysis to defend against claims and/or requests for equitable adjustment involving:
Excusable and compensable delays to the critical path such as:
Owner-caused delay
Architect/Engineer-caused delays
Changed conditions
Unforeseen conditions
Differing Site conditions
Unforeseeable changes
Damages such as:
Production inefficiencies (e.g. the aœmeasured milea approach)
Active interference
Directed acceleration
Constructive acceleration
Cardinal changes
Unreimbursed extra work and scope changes
Wrongful assessment of liquidated damages 
With other services exclusively targeted to the A/E and construction industry, we strategize and prepare road maps to facilitate amicable settlement discussions, and/or any other form of alternative dispute resolution including DRBs/DABs presentations and mediations. Also as part of our full array of services, we also provide construction arbitration and construction litigation services as well as any requisite support and expert witness services.



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