We specialize in claims avoidance techniques domestically and internationally on all types of projects. Contractual risks are identified early and mitigation strategies are contemporaneously employed under the terms, conditions and obligations of the contract. Proper foundations and supporting particulars are established procedurally and substantively with all contract communications to create positions of strength and avoid unnecessary escalation into major disputes or litigation.

Having combined engineering and legal background, our expertise is ideally suited to solve problems behind the scenes with our clients? field personnel. By so doing we are able to provide objective and requisite understanding of project events as they happen. Overall, time and cost are thus kept to a minimum throughout the life of the project while ?engineering legal solutions? from the get go.

Attending regularly scheduled project meetings, performing site visits, editing internal communications and participating in ongoing document review afford us the opportunity to identify and strategized to overcome challenges early and upfront. Alternatively, we strategize to mitigate damages, reduce and avoid confrontational situations and help to break or avoid deadlocks.


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