Mr. Cedeno serves a unique role on Boards being a civil engineer and a lawyer with a combined 21 years experience in the construction industry. He brings experience obtained exclusively in the field of complex construction multi-party dispute resolution, on all types of projects using, FIDIC (all books) FDOT and other forms of General Conditions with disputes between the Employer-Owner/Contractor/Surety. He also serves as an impartial evaluator to clients on construction disputes domestically and internationally.

As chair or member servicing construction projects, he asks targeted questions to not only help settle disputes but prevent the dispute from ever happening. These services he provide include attending monthly meetings, reviewing project sites, researching and interpreting contract documents, preparing for and conducting informal hearings involving complex disputes, corroborating with other members and drafting and preparing binding and non-binding recommendations to the parties. 

Additionally, having relevant experience as the member on numerous Boards, we also prepare for our clients targeted full position papers for entitlement and quantum commencing with the issue statement all the way through to the request for appeal or reconsideration. Because of this diverse mix of knowledge technical and legal skills and abilities all geared specifically to resolving complex construction disputes; our approach to resolution is synergetic by “engineering legal solutions.”


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